Question: Can I qualify for the ankle monitor/house arrest if I am sentence to jail for 300 days for a 3rd DUI in Torrance, CA Court?

Answer: It is possible to have the Judge approve it from the get go. If the Judge didn’t or won’t go for it, have your attorney contact the jail to coordinate having a house arrest interview set up to get you out of jail and into house arrest as soon as possible. For example, if set up in advance, you may only be in jail for a few days, get the interview for house arrest and if accepted (which is likely in my opinion, although I would like to know more about your case), then get out of jail and into house arrest very quickly. Plus house arrest may allow you to still go to school and/or work. I recently had a house arrest approved by the Judge for a 96 hour sentence (that I was able t reduce to 72 hours).

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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