Getting an old DUI conviction expunged

Getting an old DUI conviction expunged

Question: In California can I get a DUI from 20 years ago in Van Nuys Court expunged from my record?  The conviction is so old I was told that the Court doesn’t have the record anymore, but it shows up when the company I am trying to get a job with did a background check on me.  It is creating a hold on them hiring me and otherwise they would hire me.  If possible, I would like to get this expunged as soon as possible.  They even told me that if I had an attorney working on it that they would give me the job as long as the attorney sent a letter to them that he is working on it.

Answer: Yes, it is possible to get a DUI expunged, even an old conviction like yours.  Sometimes they take a little more work and research to get the file back to the court, but it can be done.

I handle expungements in Van Nuys and throughout Southern California regularaly and can help you.  I have also been in contact with employers to notify them that I am working on the expungement, termination of probation, etc. when applicable, so I know the drill.

Call me when you get a chance to discuss further.  I can be reached at 818-336-1384.   In the meantime, there is more information about it at:  Clear your California Criminal Record


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