DUI dismissal after 2 years?

Probation violation issue for failure to complete Court requirements Question:  I was pulled over in 06/17/2017 by a sheriff. The Sheriff called CHP to do a breath test, arrest, and book me in at the station. I was never read my Miranda rights. A year later in court I pled no contest. As part of...
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Need DMV help

Need DMV help based on a suspension of your driver license? Question: I Need DMV help. I have a DMV hearing for a DUI but need someone to review my evidence? I have proof the DMV suspended my license with no legal authority. I have proof the DMV violated a court order. It has cost...
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Missed DUI court date

Question:  What should I do if I missed my DUI Court Date in Van Nuys Court. I have a mental disability and tested positive for alcohol and drugs?  The drugs I take are prescribed benzodiazepines. I did drink and was pulled over for speeding. My court date was in April 2021.  Answer:  If you missed...
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