Public defender won’t return calls

Public defender won’t return calls

Question:  I was arrested for a DUI and didn’t want to spend money on an attorney because i don’t have much money.  I went to court and ended up getting a public defender.  My problem now is I don’t think he is doing much on my case.  When I went to court he did not seem very interested in talking to me, and was actually annoyed because I was asking questions about my case.  Now I can’t get the public defender won’t return calls.  What can I do?

Answer: If you do not hear back from the Public Defender at this point, you may not hear back from him or her by telephone.  Their case load can be extremely high and often times they do not have availability to spend much time discussing matters with their clients.

You may want to consider hiring a private attorney to represent you on this matter. If your case is a misdemeanor, which the majority of DUI’s are, a privately retained attorney could make the court appearance without your presence.

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