How to qualify for a wet and reckless driving charge in San Fernando, CA

 Question: I have a DUI in San Fernando, CA but I can not get convicted of a DUI because of my job.  I drive for work.  How can I qualify for a wet and reckless driving charge in San Fernando, CA instead of a DUI?  My blood alcohol level was a .09 BAC.  I have never been arrested for anything other than that.  No other DUI’s.  Just a couple traffic tickets over the past 10 years.

I am not a commercial driver and don’t have a class A or class B driver license, but I do drive a company vehicle and my employer said they will have to let me go if I get a DUI, but not if I get a wet reckless then my job is safe.

Answer:  Step 1.  You should contact a DUI attorney in San Fernando area to discuss your case in more detail. I can be reached at 818-336-1DUI for a free consultation. I have had success of getting DUI charges dismissed and reduced to lesser offenses (sometimes to non-alcohol related offenses) in cases where there is a .09 BAC (and even in cases with much higher BAC levels).

Once I have more information about your case I can give you a more specific assessment.  Do not send more details over the internet though, call me to discuss or to set up a meeting.  It is important that you call me sooner than 10 days from the arrest date if possible, this way I can request a DMV hearing for you to avoid a suspension that the dmv will hit you with (aside from the criminal part of the DUI).  I can also get you a new temporary license as the one you were given will expire after 30 days from your arrest date.

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
Handling DUI and Criminal matters throughout Courts in Southern California including San Fernando, CA,  Los Angeles and surrounding counties.