Question: I got charged with driving without a license. The citation reads VC 12500(a). I have a valid CO license…why did I get charged with this. Also, I have a DUI from 8 years ago…will that affect this?

Answer: In short, CA requires all residents to have a valid CA license. There is a short grace period if you just moved here. Often they look to see if your current address is in CA, or the car registered to your name is registered in CA. I have had success getting 12500(a) charges dismissed, recently in Van Nuys Court and Bellflower Court, as well as other courts in the past. What court is your 12500(a) violation in.

Also, regarding the DUI. Assuming you satisfied all the terms of the sentencing and are no longer on probation for that conviction, it shouldn’t factor in to the charge.


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