Question: I have a 1998 San Fernando DUI Conviction, a 2004 Malibu DUI conviction…and just got another DUI in Van Nuys. I spoke to one attorney who said I am looking at a 3rd DUI conviction with 120 or more days of jail? IS this right? Is there any way around such a long jail sentence?

Answer: In short, DUI’s (for charging purposes), stick with you for 10 years from arrest date to arrest date. If your first DUI arrest was over 10 years ago, but the 2nd offense was within 10 years, then you should be charged as a 2nd DUI, not a 3rd DUI. If there is a DUI conviction on a 2nd offense, the court will still look for jail time, but depending on the circumstances, would likely be much less than 120 days. Call me at 818-336-1384 if you want to talk about your case in more detail. Some important questions I would need to know include why you were pulled over (was there an accident with injury involved), what was your BAC, as well as a long list of other questions.


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