Question: What happens at the first day of trial for my 23152 DUI case in Pasadena Court?

Answer: The first day of DUI trial will probably look something like this. Getting to Pasadena Court, the Judge will then see if the prosecution and defense can come to a plea agreement. If not, then they move forward, and there may be some last minute 402 motions regarding the potential exclusion of evidence. A jury panel will be brought up (apx. 30-35 jurors). The Judge will then ask some questions of the panel, followed by the prosecution and defense counsel. From this group, 12 jurors, and two alternates will be picked. If they can’t get at least 12 jurors from this group, they will call another panel of potential jurors. Once the jury panel is selected, they will be sworn in. The prosecution and defense then make their opening statements. This is probably as far as you will get in the first day. Do you already have an attorney handling your DUI trial? If not, I suggest getting an attorney experienced with DUI defense to handle your case. It is generally speaking, not a good idea to try to represent yourself in a DUI case.


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